ThreeJs: JS Rendering Engine

The complexity of Web is changing daily and its scope is growing very fast, especially with 3D rendering


WebGL stands for WebGraphicsLibrary which is a javascript library for rendering 2D graphics and interactive 3D graphics within browsers. It is based on the architecture of OpenGL API. WebGL uses shading language with C-syntax to get 3D graphics into the browser page via html5 canvas.

Working with WebGL and with shaders in particular is rather time-consuming in the development process, you need to describe each point, line, face, and so in. To render all this, we need to write a lot of lines of code so in order to increase the speed of process, threejs library was developed.


Three.js is a javascript library containing a set of predefined classes for creating and displaying interactive 3D graphics in WebGL Three.js library offers declarative syntax to help you get started with 3D worlds. Now with three.js we have the opportunity to create accelerated 3D animations using javascript language as a part of a website without relying on proprietary browser plugins includes many features like cameras where you can add virtual cameras to your scene and off course to provide perfect shooting we needs to get perfect light source which is provided in threejs with different types also three js provides different textures support and shading to be able to derive a good scene.

New Updates

Three.js is provided in GIT HUB under MIT license to be able to use easily for your project Three.js releases roughly once a month, so each release includes a relatively small number of iterative changes and refinements, making it easier for developers to migrate between versions of three.js. the types of changes made with each release are relatively minor given the overall capabilities of three.js showing the maturity and stability of the whole project. Where it provides support for support for webVR and webXR via its webVR utilities, Web XR Manager, and WebVRManager APIS. Three.js provides 3D rendering engine for many webVR and webXR packages.

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