Razer Kishi Controller: New Gaming Experience

The trouble of finding a reliable gamepad controller to use with your smart phone, they figured out a solution to find a way for native support for DualShock 4 and Xbox One Controller. But Razer did not stop at this point but continued to find new solutions for improving user experience with its kishi mobile controller.

An 80$ accessory made in partnership with Gamevice that turns your phone into a Nintendo Switch lookalike. It’s a compact controller that splits into two halves delegating an analog tick and D-pad on the left side and face buttons on the right side. Each side is connected by a flat data cable that extends far enough to fit you Android phone’s size, bezel-less and high resolution display in the middle.

The Kishi supports both Razer Phones, Google Pixel 2 and newer Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer (excluding S20 Ultra) and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and newer and Other phones are supported, through it will need to have Android 8 Oreo software with a center aligned USB-C port, and its dimensions don’t exceed 78 x 164 x 9 mm Razer is aiming to release Kishi that is made for iPhones this summer.

Razer addresses several critical points of using one of the controllers. For starters, it connects to the phone USB-C port directly, so there is no pairing required and it has a USB-C port of its own that allows for pass through charging while you are gaming so you don’t have to charge the controller separately.

To show the good features we must also admit there is bad side of it. First of all if your phone has a headphone jack you won’t be able to access it. The same goes for any buttons on your phone that might be in accessible. The USB-C port on the controller unfortunately doesn’t support audio  but there is a clever vent built in to let sound form your phone’s bottom speakers fire out if your phone’s speaker is located there. Also another issue we couldn’t ignore Is that phone’s battery drains faster with Kishi connected even when no game is running.

The clickable analog sticks are matte-textured, but buttons doesn’t seem like Dualshock 4 but you could get used to them after long time of playing , the face and shoulder buttons function perfectly but some how also feels spongy.

Kishi Razer couldn’t be worthy without having good games to play like Fortnite, the Controller is compatible with a growing list of games available on google store. Instead of trying to get Console Experience you can have subscription to either service like xCloud and high-speed internet connection you could play many games including Yazuka 0 , Soulcaliber VI and Bloodstained.

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