Jumbo: 2020 Privacy App

Jumbo privacy app has launched today new features to expand and clarify its various pricing tiers and it is continuously developing its services for Android and iOS users for protecting their privacy

How it Works?

Jumbo Privacy has started in 2019 on IOS and android later on same year, when it provided several services to provide users the access to monitor and control what data gets to be shared with different apps and website and even choose what data is to be stored on Jumbo servers instead, where it is all done directly between user and the service. Company believes that privacy is fundamental right and its stated mission is to give users back control of their own private and sensitive data when dealing with social media websites.

What’s New?

A new features were added in Privacy app Jumbo 2 is to provide user the ability to scan Instagram and Linked in, and to receive recommendations in different languages/ It also provides more actionable ways that if your data has been illegally obtained, you have the tools and steps to address the issue. Also it added new service called “Block trackers” which works on your device to block many ad trackers can reach to more than 400. Also jumbo 2 has been design to work in the background once it is set it up and you don’t have to check if the app is open every time or check if you closed the app because the team did a lot of work to ensure that Jumbo app works in background on all android devices

if you are not paying for the product, you are the product
This quote has spread recently after serious privacy issues has emerged from social media websites , so Jumbo company to stay in on their track for protecting people’s privacy, they have decided to introduce plus and pro tiers to allow users to pay what they think is good for them.

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