How Google Works?!

As long as there are many changes has been seen, its primary purpose is still clear: To help users find what they want on the internet. And that’s where Google’s search engine shines.

Pandu Nayak has been in Google for more than 14 years and is now vise president for search.

Nayak says : “It is our deep, deep responsibility to give them great results, great answers, great experiences and help them go about their lives more effectively”

Google’ search engine is a professional tool but the internet is still a big place. It’s sometimes hard to find what you are searching for. Nayak and many others throughout the company is working with idea that getting you what you are after. They study language and intent, incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence and note that every search is undertaken seriously and put all their effort to make it easier to user.


Like all search engines, Google uses a special algorithm to determine its search results. While Google shares some facts about its algorithm, the specifics are a company secret. This helps Google remain competitive with other search engines.

Google uses automated programs called spiders or crawlers, just like most search engines, to help generate its search results. Google has a large index of keywords that help determine search results. what sets Google apart is how it ranks its results, which determines the order of displayed results on Google’s results page, Google uses a trademarked algorithm called page rank, which assigns each Webpage a relevancy score.

Webpage Rank

There are few which webpage’s rank depends on:
  • ·      Frequency and Location of keywords within the web page, If the keyword appears only once or twice or more within the body of the page

  • ·      How long the webpage has existed: as new webpages are created every day and not all of them for long
  • ·      Number of external links  to your webpage

The most important one of them all is the third one because number of external links is like a vote for your website which opens competition many widely for websites. The best way to ensure you achieve this one is to provide high quality content so that websites could link to your page and google increases your rank

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