what do you think of website speed?

A great user experience(UX) is everything when it comes to running a website. At one hand, the user expectations are huge the site should provide dynamic interactive content but the internet is growing and this makes harder to provide user-friendly website
Why is it important?
We can prove the importance of website speed optimization by using ecommerce as an example. In ecommerce, the number of sales is directly connected to the speed at which the website content is being delivered.
Performance has direct impact on your website revenue, metrics influence brand perception, loyalty and visitor engagement.
According to estimation of eMarketer retail e-commerce sales reached 2.3$ trillion in 2017 and an increase over the previous year. The mobile share of this stood at 58.9% or 1.4 trillion $
So here are the top 3 reasons why you should care about maximum performance and top speed
            1. User satisfaction
Long load time is translated to high bounce rates. The bounce rate is an important factor that any website owner should always take into account, In simpler terms when a user visits your website and rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site. He/she leaves. Which is considered the most effective way for measuring performance for any website.
2.Mobile Users
Mobile users are more patient than computer users, where the main reason lies beyond this is that they are used to having slower internet speed, but considering today’s connection speed we have reached 5G technology we now must take considerations the loading speed for mobile users more than of computer users
Where the most crucial point also that appears in figure below that more than 50% of users are using their smart phones not their pcs

How to measure website speed?
When we think about website speed, we think about various ways for optimization while developing the website include loading speed of different elements like images, videos,…etc the user saves those files on computer and displays them through internet browser .
The image above show the correlation between Time to First Byte(TTFB), the amount of time it takes for the user to receive the first byte of information from their content provider and website’s ranking position
So if you are trying to get your website rank you should have concern with your website speed
The best way is to use Pingdom tools
The best important metrics from these all is load time where the grade is general guide line
Accurate Average
You should run the test several times to get an average loading time since it will not be identical every time.
Also you have to pre-load cache every time to ensure that you ran the test correctly

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