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What is Action Block App?
Action Block application was developed for google assistance to user to give users more options for assigning tasks. The app can be downloaded right now for free from playstore.

What does it do?
Action Blocks application takes the convenience of voice commands simultaneously and make them less and more convenient by assigning them to  a button. The gist of the functionality is that you ‘ll be able to input command for your device’s AI, and then save that input as an icon. The icon can then be positioned anywhere on the home screen. It’s more convenient because it means you won’t have to give a common command every single day.

How do I get started?
To get started just download the application from playstore and open it. The on-screen prompts push you through the setup process within a less than one minute. It is essentially just a matter of starting and creating your first sample block. The button is used to create an action block which is literally the only option you will find on the screen, which will prompt you to type the desired command or you could use voice command like “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” to access google assistant. also there is another button that says test the action to see if it is right output after inputting the command, then you will need to assign image to the action if it passes the test. Where this image can be from the gallery or from pool of stock.

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