Disintegration-with good strategy comes great shooting

Disintegration doesn’t feel like any of the things it’s made from. It tries to blend real-time strategy and shooting, it’s build around hoverbike-riders with squad leader that enters into battle but these controls more like slow-moving turrents than actual bikes. It’s set in a world where fractions of Natural and AI humans are at war but its story is meanable and constantly mentioning interesting scenes but never exploring them.

You enter Disintegration as pro gravcyclist of name RomerShoal ,who has been integrated into a robotic body. Romer joins a band of integrated outlaws in their escape from the cloud a floating base commanded by Rayonne and led by Lt .

Its story is delivered in cutscenes through games and they are short and often one-sided conversations, but it at least has some fun characters, Romer is a likeable smart, the rest of his outlaw friends play off each other well, and their natural leader Waggoner is a wise spunky old man. The game in total is strange to understand, it can be die to lack of music, and the time you do consists of walking around empty hub areas between missions but their personalities come good in the game due to strong voice acting

The campaign road is divided into missions that come with locked loadouts for your Gravcycle and squad. You command anywhere from zero to four units at a time and your gravcycle has two weapons usually a gun and a healing option but you cannot customize its gadgets but you can upgrade basic statistics.

There are more abilities in the multiplayer option but there are only four missions that you can enter and all of them are in form of area of effect attacks(AoE), you have got a small AoE that stuns and big AoE that slows and medium AoE that does big damage. Where the perfect thing here is that you could distribute your abilities around the battle field with many different strategies.

You can’t command your units individually; they can only act as a group for example if you have a low-health sniper and high-healthy tank they will sidle up to enemies with exactly the same bravado. Where you can tell your team to move to a specific area and attack one enemy till it dies . but there are two glitches as command radius is pretty short so you cannot send your squad for long distance but if you move too far away from them they will automatically follow you.

in Disintegration’s multiplayer option there are 3 modes all of them are team death match(5v5), retrieve the flag, cone control, there are more guns and abilities you can use in multiplayer, where you can also swap loadouts when you die but there are several issues with campaign like slow movement and unreliable abilities which is overcome in multiplayer mode.

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