Content Management System(CMS)

What is Content Management System?
content management system is a software application or a set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. It begins by helping you launch digital content to a more robust system that is core to managing an overall digital experience.
They are generally used for web content management(WCM) and enterprise content management(ECM).
Enterprise content management software promotes collaboration within the organization workspace with the integration of records retention functionalities, management of digital assets for the end-users and document management and providing access based on roles to the company’s digital assets for the end-users.
Both WCM and ECM have two components: a content delivery application(CDA) and a content management application(CMA). The CMA is a Graphical User Interface(GUI) that enables user to handle the generation, removal and modification of a content from a website without the need for having any knowledge in Back-end Web Development. CMS is able to manage SQL database systems without the interfere from the user.

What are features of CMS?
Features vary among different offering of CMS but the core functions include search and retrieval, indexing, revision control and publishing, and format management. Retrieval and search features, and intuitive indexing archives the whole data for easy access for visitor to the website.
Format management facilities conversion the legacy electronic documents and scanned paper documents and scanned paper documents into PDF or HTML documents. Revision features enable content to be edited and updated after initial publication. Publishing functionality enables users to utilize a set of templates or a template approved by the company, as well as wizards and various other tools to generate or modify content like posts or pages.

What are types of CMS?
A content management system can be broken down into three major types

·       Open Source CMS : the most popular Open Source content management systems run on mySQL and PHP(server-side scripting language used in back-end web development). Wordpress, Drupal are major examples. These CMS can be used by anyone for any purpose and you need not purchase a license or any special-permissions to customize. The have a lot of plugins and complementary tools to help develop your website easily and also there are many tools to help in SEO optimization.
·       Proprietary CMS: Many organizations sell licenses to help you use their own CMS. Proprietary means the owner ship of that application and others must purchase license from the company to use the CMS   

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