Battle for bikini bottom: Bring it On!!

SpongeBob Squarepants is a growing name in entertainment today. Not only because it is a television series but also because of video games associated with the series, where THQ Nordic and purple lamp studios released initially at 2003 game titled “battle for bikini bottom” now they come again in 2020 and reinvented the game to bring new adventures to modern consoles


Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is the new PS4 game released to be role-playing platformer type where plankton comes with new evil plan in which he created an army of robots to invade Bikini bottom. SpongeBob and his friends started on a mission to stop and destroy robots to save Bikini bottom. The missions for the adventurer are straight forward across the levels. Where each mission rewards the player with golden spatula, and each world requires a certain amount of spatulas to start and there are few missions within each world, containing few different areas, meaning there is a fair amount of diversity in the game’s landscape.


The player can also work to collect many props such as golden spatulas or Patrick’s socks, some of them requires extra thinking to find way to reach and collect them and there are also few rare pairs of golden underpants which gives player extra health.

Gameplay varies along the game, where the player is given three playable characters to choose from and throughout the game acquires certain character moves for each character. However, the player can only swap between characters at bus stop which very in distance. It will seem to be easy for some people but the game is made for kids. The game also welcomes unplayable characters in the story including Mr Krabs, Gary the snail, Mrs puff and more


It is worth to mention that there is a small bit of new content added exclusively for this version rather than the old one. The most significant addition is multiplayer option which can be played both online and offline locally, where it offers both competitive and cooperative modes where players can fight increasingly waves of enemies which spread across the island till they destroy a giant robotic squidward boss. The game has been upgraded with very cool graphics and visual upgrades. The game is very suitable for kids where they could enjoy it for long time and it is not very complicated and enjoyable for them to play with it in single mode or multiplayer mode and joining with their friends in new adventures in bikini bottom

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