Android 11:Unwrapping Features

Android 10 was a year of sophisticated growth for the smart phone operating system, and those same principles are applied on android 11. We are still a few months out of the final build being available for everyone but with a developer preview out in the wild, we have a good idea of where Google wants to move forward with Android 11 in 2020. In this article we will discuss the main features of android 11.

Single Permissions

Looking back on Android 10, one of its features was its professional handling of app permissions. In which Android 10 gave users more control over applications and what they could access, and Android 11 keeps these features ,but adds new wonderful additions.

Now, when an app asks for permission to use certain features like your location, camera or microphone, you can choose to only grant access on certain time intervals. The app will be able to use these permissions during that instance of you using the app, but as soon as you leave it, the permission is broken, The next time you want to use that app, it will need your permission again.


In last few releases of Android we were waiting for Google to build screen recorder app in android. It is something you wouldn’t use every day but it is very basic function that makes it silly to be not built inside android core.

Thankfully, Android 11 looks to finally change this situation with adding screen recorder accompanied by astonishing user interface and toggles for recording audio and your touches on screen

Ready for 5G?

5G started to make its way to people last year throughout 2020, more and more folks are going to connect to the next generation of wireless data, to keep the pace smooth android 11 adds a very important API called “Dynamic Meterdness”

That may not sound exciting but it essentially allows phones to take full advantage of all the power 5G brings.If the API detects that you are connected to an unlimited 5G signal, you will access the highest quality of content and the potential of 5G is very strong to handle these features and allow to improve user experience with high loading speed for content.


Android 11 is doing a lot to improve messaging experience but in fact, there are three core upgrades that will make big difference in your daily use.

First of all, we have chat bubbles, similar to what Facebook’s offered for years within its messenger app on android, chat bubbles in Android 11 will hide your ongoing conversations in little bubbles on the side of your screen. You can move messaging bubbles around screen and tapping on them to show that specific conversation. 

The bubbles API is being made available for all messaging apps and Google is currently encouraging developers to implement it.

In another way to make sure you get to your messages as quickly as possible, Android 11 introduces a dedicated conversation section in your notification shade that will offer instant access to any on-going conversations.

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