AMD Accelerated Processing Unit(APU)

What is Accelerated Processing Unit?
It is formerly known as Fusion which is the marketing term for a 64-bit series from AMD designed to act as central processing unit(CPU) and graphics processing unit(GPU) on a single chip. APU is a general purpose processor that features nearly discrete integrated graphics processors(IGPs) which are normally termed by “integrated graphics”
Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One eighth generation video game consoles where both use semi-custom third generation low-power APUs.
Intel CPUs with integrated HD Graphics also have a CPU and GPU on a single micro chip but they don’t offer heterogeneous system architecture(HSA) features.
What is Heterogeneous System Architecture(HSA)?
Heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) is a vector set of specification that allow for the integration of CPU and GPU on the same bus with shared memory and tasks. This is being developed by AMD and ARM. The main objective of this platform was to reduce the communication latency between CPUs, GPUs and other computer devices, and make these various devices more compatible from a programmer’s perspective.
APU Architecture
AMD APUs have a unique architecture where they have AMD CPU modules, cache and discrete-class graphics processor and all on the same chip using the same bus with shared memory where this architecture allows the utilization of graphics accelerators like CUDA or OpenCL with the integrated graphics processor.
Zen2 is the code name of latest AMD micro architecture fabricated with technology of TSMC 7nm and powering the third generation of Ryzen processors, known as Ryzen 3000 for the main stream desktop chips and Threadripper 3000 for high-end desktop systems.
With Zen 2 each CPU chip houses 8 cores arranged in two core complexes of 4 cores each.
Each chip is manufactured using TSMC 7nm and are about of 74 to 80mm2 in size the chip has 3.9 billion transistors , L3 cache is of 32MiB, with each core on an 8-core chip now having access to 4MiB, to discover more about AMD architecture stay tuned for next updates.

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