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Money transfer has taken alot of new ways this century for the improvement of accessibility for customers to Online Products and Online Services starting with the PAYPAL where it has been a good Service for Ebay customers to get the stuff they want easily which was the first start for online shopping for users but now this year by help of the world leading Social Network...Peer to Peer Transfer is taking a new route for the continuous success.


if you are curious about online marketing you must know about the facebook sell and buy groups which help you get to what you want in an easy paying via messenger will help you get in touch with this groups easily...
PayPal Money Transfer will provide easy accessibility for merchants to their online stores which will help you to get to your customers and it will be easy for communication with customers and also there is no need for using expensive SSL certificate as all payments will go through PAYPAL.


If you are curious about getting started using this feature you must follow some steps for your security
First You should migrate paypal with a new facebook account not your daily use account
Second provide a strong password for your account
Finally you should use this account for only payments not other purposes
I think you should follow these rules if you are caring about your paypal account

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