New Era of Technology with iPhoneX

New Start
The Revolution of decade of technology has been started by Apple Co. this year and changed the world in the process . New Path of Technology has been set for the next decade with iPhoneX.

The advanced technology of iPhone X came with a new display technology .
where Display of iPhone X fits edge to edge goes from top to bottom where it goes to each corner follows a tight curved path.

New Super Retina display technology has come to overcome  OLED technology problems with adorable brightness,wide color support and color accuracy

It's engineered to be a water and dust resistant at microscopic level to protect this fascinating display

Touch ID turned Into Face ID

Face ID technology depends on scanning your face in more accurate for more security and more easy to access.  The little tiny area of camera display on top of your iPhone X (truth  depth camera system)   is capable of detecting your face with flood illuminator and IR Camera to take IR images and the dot projector projects out over 30,000 invisible IR dots to scan your face .
The chance of randomly one can open your phone with touch ID is one to 50,000 but with FaceID it is one to million.

These are emojis that you can control with your face in emojis where it tracks more than 50 facial muscle movement  to facilitates expressing your feelings or reaction about something turning chats into more easy way for communication.

New Path of thinking

New path of thinking of apple has lead to new path for technology .  with Apple co. they have turned the imagination to reality with iphone X.

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