Need a lot a lot of storage ?!!!

The Limits of growth of data are boundless that size of data is increasing every day so Companies must serve more Hard drives like Hdd and SSD to hold this giant amount data but I don’t talk about Pc and laptops but I talk about Something larger which is the servers which hold a lot of data around the world ...... a huge progress has happened when Samsung has managed to produce the largest SSD where many companies Did not stop at this…..

Seagate has unveiled Solid State Harddrive of capacity 60TB destroying the throne of Samsung of creating The largest Solid State Harddrive that Samsung has produced 15TB SSD at this time this was the largest SSD Samsung's PM1633a before Seagate produced 60 TB SSD Where Both drives use the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface where Seagate’s giant capacity can accommodate 400 million social media-sized photos, or 12,000 DVD movies where it will be produced next year where this sounds like that by putting 60Tb in a single SSD this will kill a plenty of cheap servers like PC with old Hdd

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