Great App----Great Success

Pokemon Go has led a great success in recent days . It has already been installed on over 5% of active android devices in use in united states .It was in top in both downloads and revenue in Australia and Newzealand.Pokemon game adds $7.5 billion to Nintendo market value in two days(as Reuters said)
It has become the top of the apps in Appstore chart above many popular apps

Despite the game is free to play users are forced to make in-app purchases to progress in the game
although the game has made alot of money ....Nintendo won't earn much as some of the money would go to APPLE ,NIANTIC(software developer),POKEMON
  many events on facebook groups are held to catch pokemon as in San Francisco, California  an event has been held on 20 july called "POKEMON GO CRAWL"
about 20k people are interested to go to this event  -------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>> check it

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