Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Magical Tool For Facebook Creators

Facebook For Creators

This became the objective of Facebook since 2017 where they started to draw Content Creators' attention to Facebook Platforms  and to develop this platform Facebook started to work on developing tools for video creation and monetization to withstand the advanced technology of youtube

Creator's Tools

As Number of Facebook users increases everyday,Number of Facebook creators increases and Number of Fake Users increases so Facebook want to separate Content Creator from spammers by increasing permissions to Content Creators to develop their content and start to detect Fake pages and delete them while giving the content creator the road to move to express their creativity and show the world their ideas where these tools are:
  • Facebook Creator Android App: It helps Creator on-the-go to access the analytics of their page and go live easily with its live creative kit and inbox for their messages to get in touch with their Followers on-the-go
  • Facebook Ad-breaks: It helps content creators to get revenue from their to help them produce high quality videos and move on to impress followers with their videos
  • Facebook Brand Collabs Manager: This tool was announced today by Facebook Creators to Get in touch with Brands easily and manage to take further step with your brand as it works like a search engine for Facebook creators and Brands to make same brands with same niche get in touch with Each other

It is wonderful That Facebook started finally to move on with the creators and start to take facebook users to next steps 

Espionage Chinese Attacks on Satellites and Defense Firms

Cyber Campaign

In january 2018, an alert was triggered that an attacker was using (PsExec) software to move between computers on the company's network
when this attack was investigated it was found that the attackers were attempting to getting an  updated version of Trojan. Rikamanu which was malware associated with Chinese Hacker Group Called THRIP.
 Symantec Corp has been monitoring them since 2013

Thrip's Motives

After Years of tracing  Thrip's motives .. 
Symantec Corp has managed to find their purpose behind their cyber attacks .. 
Thrip had targetted satellite communications operators by  attacking computers that monitor and control satellites to hijack it and spy on communications.
Symantec Corp found also their intention on attacking GOOGLE EARTH servers 
Thrip also targetted different telecom operators all based in south east of ASIA where they found that the attack wasnot initiated to affect customers but they intend to cause disruption in telecom companies

Targetted Attack Analytics

InConclusion Cyber Attacks has now become more dangerous than before. so we have to take firm steps toward improving security. 
Targeted attack analytics are sophisticated tools developed by experienced security analysts to defend against cyber-attacks where Symantec Co. managed by these tools to discover these attacks which gives us a gleam of hope in improving security and making internet safer to use