Friday, October 20, 2017

Social Networking---Business Networking


Money transfer has taken alot of new ways this century for the improvement of accessibility for customers to Online Products and Online Services starting with the PAYPAL where it has been a good Service for Ebay customers to get the stuff they want easily which was the first start for online shopping for users but now this year by help of the world leading Social Network...Peer to Peer Transfer is taking a new route for the continuous success.


if you are curious about online marketing you must know about the facebook sell and buy groups which help you get to what you want in an easy paying via messenger will help you get in touch with this groups easily...
PayPal Money Transfer will provide easy accessibility for merchants to their online stores which will help you to get to your customers and it will be easy for communication with customers and also there is no need for using expensive SSL certificate as all payments will go through PAYPAL.


If you are curious about getting started using this feature you must follow some steps for your security
First You should migrate paypal with a new facebook account not your daily use account
Second provide a strong password for your account
Finally you should use this account for only payments not other purposes
I think you should follow these rules if you are caring about your paypal account

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tech is Tricky for Furniture Assembly


If you are tired of spending alot of hours in wrestling with long flat cardboard box of furniture to assemble your Furniture ..Now Taskers will stand inline infront of your house to do all the work waiting for you to guide this technology has managed to find its way by the effort tech.


The Biggest Swedish Company "ikea" is turning digital to continue providing customers with high quality furniture so by the help of the on-demand platform TaskRabbit it will be able to provide you great experience in assembling your furniture to help you get to what you want so you feel comfortable with the stuff you buy.
TaskRabbit has found this best strategic buyer "ikea" to make taskrabbit to connect a wide range of customers and also in order to provide security for customers so they feel it easy to use. 

Getting Started 

The TaskRabbit app provides you easy steps to follow to get you the perfect tasker for the job
where It offers a very wide range of adorable services where you describe the service you want and tell them about street address and they will get to your house as fast they can to help you.

Hard-Manual to Easy-Tech

I think it is very good way for companies to start dealing with the small app-developer companies because there is alot of apps now are created everyday and it has been an easy way for alot of people to deal with higher technology and to express their ideas for example UBER which now has made over two billion rides .
I think also if Big Company which develop the gaming platform if they joined with this small companies which are concerned with VR like Oculus Rift  instead of creating new VR platforms but developing Oculus Rift will make a great progress in VR Technology and instead of distracting customers with various Vr Platforms.