Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Microsoft Surface Go----TAKEIT ONTHEGO

Microsoft drew our to a new Sophisticated Windows Tablet called Surface GO


it is awarded with 10-inch PixelSense 1800x1200 display with aspect 3:2 with 216 Pixels per inch
it supports also 10-point multitouch where it can flip with good angle for better writing and reading experience as Surface pro supports Surface Pen support


Users can access Microsoft Apps on-the-go to help them maintain their work with microsoft application where you can access easily your daily and favourite apps if you are windows-user

Wireless Connectivity 

Microsoft Surface pro comes with Qualcomm snapdragon x16 LTE Which is with a peak download speed of 1Gbps and upload speed 150Mbps  

It comes also with Bluetooth 4.1 and Wifi support 802.11ac


It is supported with IRCamera to help users access windows HELLO
also to help users get beautiful and sophisticated images on-the-go It comes with 1080p rear and front cameras

Full Specifications

Microsoft Surface Go
CPUIntel Pentium Gold 4415Y (Kaby Lake-Y)
2 core, 4 thread, 1.6 GHz base frequency
GPUIntel HD 615
24 EUs 850 MHz boost frequency
Display10-inch PixelSense
1800x1200 3:2 aspect
216 Pixels Per Inch
10-point Multitouch
Surface Pen support
Dimensions245 x 175 x 8.3 mm
9.6 x 6.9 x 0.33 inches
RAM4 or 8 GB LPDDR3-1866
Storage64 GB eMMC
128 / 256 GB NVMe SSD optional
Wireless802.11ac with Bluetooth 4.1
Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE Optional
BatteryUp to 9 hours of video playback
24W Charger
CamerasWindows Hello IR camera
5 MP Front Camera with 1080p video
8 MP Rear Camera with 1080p video
PortsUSB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 with power delivery
Surface Connect
Price4GB/64GB $399
8GB/128GB $549
Windows 10 Pro $50 extra

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Magical Tool For Facebook Creators

Facebook For Creators

This became the objective of Facebook since 2017 where they started to draw Content Creators' attention to Facebook Platforms  and to develop this platform Facebook started to work on developing tools for video creation and monetization to withstand the advanced technology of youtube

Creator's Tools

As Number of Facebook users increases everyday,Number of Facebook creators increases and Number of Fake Users increases so Facebook want to separate Content Creator from spammers by increasing permissions to Content Creators to develop their content and start to detect Fake pages and delete them while giving the content creator the road to move to express their creativity and show the world their ideas where these tools are:
  • Facebook Creator Android App: It helps Creator on-the-go to access the analytics of their page and go live easily with its live creative kit and inbox for their messages to get in touch with their Followers on-the-go
  • Facebook Ad-breaks: It helps content creators to get revenue from their to help them produce high quality videos and move on to impress followers with their videos
  • Facebook Brand Collabs Manager: This tool was announced today by Facebook Creators to Get in touch with Brands easily and manage to take further step with your brand as it works like a search engine for Facebook creators and Brands to make same brands with same niche get in touch with Each other

It is wonderful That Facebook started finally to move on with the creators and start to take facebook users to next steps 

Espionage Chinese Attacks on Satellites and Defense Firms

Cyber Campaign

In january 2018, an alert was triggered that an attacker was using (PsExec) software to move between computers on the company's network
when this attack was investigated it was found that the attackers were attempting to getting an  updated version of Trojan. Rikamanu which was malware associated with Chinese Hacker Group Called THRIP.
 Symantec Corp has been monitoring them since 2013

Thrip's Motives

After Years of tracing  Thrip's motives .. 
Symantec Corp has managed to find their purpose behind their cyber attacks .. 
Thrip had targetted satellite communications operators by  attacking computers that monitor and control satellites to hijack it and spy on communications.
Symantec Corp found also their intention on attacking GOOGLE EARTH servers 
Thrip also targetted different telecom operators all based in south east of ASIA where they found that the attack wasnot initiated to affect customers but they intend to cause disruption in telecom companies

Targetted Attack Analytics

InConclusion Cyber Attacks has now become more dangerous than before. so we have to take firm steps toward improving security. 
Targeted attack analytics are sophisticated tools developed by experienced security analysts to defend against cyber-attacks where Symantec Co. managed by these tools to discover these attacks which gives us a gleam of hope in improving security and making internet safer to use 


Friday, October 20, 2017

Social Networking---Business Networking


Money transfer has taken alot of new ways this century for the improvement of accessibility for customers to Online Products and Online Services starting with the PAYPAL where it has been a good Service for Ebay customers to get the stuff they want easily which was the first start for online shopping for users but now this year by help of the world leading Social Network...Peer to Peer Transfer is taking a new route for the continuous success.


if you are curious about online marketing you must know about the facebook sell and buy groups which help you get to what you want in an easy way...so paying via messenger will help you get in touch with this groups easily...
PayPal Money Transfer will provide easy accessibility for merchants to their online stores which will help you to get to your customers and it will be easy for communication with customers and also there is no need for using expensive SSL certificate as all payments will go through PAYPAL.


If you are curious about getting started using this feature you must follow some steps for your security
First You should migrate paypal with a new facebook account not your daily use account
Second provide a strong password for your account
Finally you should use this account for only payments not other purposes
I think you should follow these rules if you are caring about your paypal account

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tech is Tricky for Furniture Assembly


If you are tired of spending alot of hours in wrestling with long flat cardboard box of furniture to assemble your Furniture ..Now Taskers will stand inline infront of your house to do all the work waiting for you to guide this technology has managed to find its way by the effort tech.


The Biggest Swedish Company "ikea" is turning digital to continue providing customers with high quality furniture so by the help of the on-demand platform TaskRabbit it will be able to provide you great experience in assembling your furniture to help you get to what you want so you feel comfortable with the stuff you buy.
TaskRabbit has found this best strategic buyer "ikea" to make taskrabbit to connect a wide range of customers and also in order to provide security for customers so they feel it easy to use. 

Getting Started 

The TaskRabbit app provides you easy steps to follow to get you the perfect tasker for the job
where It offers a very wide range of adorable services where you describe the service you want and tell them about street address and they will get to your house as fast they can to help you.

Hard-Manual to Easy-Tech

I think it is very good way for companies to start dealing with the small app-developer companies because there is alot of apps now are created everyday and it has been an easy way for alot of people to deal with higher technology and to express their ideas for example UBER which now has made over two billion rides .
I think also if Big Company which develop the gaming platform if they joined with this small companies which are concerned with VR like Oculus Rift  instead of creating new VR platforms but developing Oculus Rift will make a great progress in VR Technology and instead of distracting customers with various Vr Platforms. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Windows 10 Creators----communicating with higher technology

New Style of Update

Microsoft is expanding Windows 10 features by allowing creators update on 17th October making it possible for all OEM users to get access to windows easily.
The Dominant PC OS Update has Come to provide users new ways for dealing with higher technology and save their time and money and protect their systems so they maintain experience the new level of Technology including virtual reality and professional controlling systems for your pc .

Top Features

*PDF Inking*

PC-User mightnot have  alot of essential programs starting from office to 3D graphics Rendering programs where he can also find alternatives to them--but there is only one program he can't replace...
Adobe Reader which some people might not care about it because it exists in every pc and it is free to obtain it but in fact because of its powerful facilities now we can transfer to each other digital documents easily in an elegant way without sending mails.
Today is your lucky day if you are one who are using surface-pen---you can now sign pdf files in more easily and professional way.

*Pen Finder*

Even Surface Pens don't have GPS built-in device for perfect tracking---- 
Microsoft was able to provide professional feature to help you find your pen easily---so you don't waste your time searching for the pen with Find my Pen Feature where it tells you where your pen was last connected so you will be able to track your pen easily and save your time and money.


Are you tired of trying to find editors for videos ? ----- 
Now by this windows 10 creators update the editor will come to your pc--- 
so Now You can remix Photos and Music into Stories so now you won't worry about your storage of filling it with lots of photos where you can by this feature group every related photos to a stories in a very fancy and beautiful way to remind you about your past joyous events.

*Virtual Reality*

If you are in 2017 ---you must know about virtual reality which has been improving in huge way 
starting form Oculus Rift till now to Asus VR 

Even SmartPhone Devices are being improved with HDR Cameras and Providing New technologies for Printing 3D Models .
So Microsoft has taken place in this field by providing Windows Mixed Reality--so you know how many users are using windows it is alot right !? ----now all this people will be able to experience the world of VR with Windows Mixed Reality ----I think this thing will be huge in the future as the keyboards and mouse will be history with the development of  VR in the next years.

*OneDrive files with one click*

The Platform laptops are becoming now low in size and higher in their capabilities but even if the laptop has alot of capabilities --- many users have suffered from low disk space---so now you can explore one-drive files without downloading it to your pc and easily save your files to it.

*Eye Control*

Microsoft is giving the ability to users for interacting with their computers using only their eyes order to select what they need in more easy----but inmyopinion this won't work good for many users as the laptops are not provided with a powerful cam and sensors to track your eyes so I think they should provide PCs with tracking sensors before they add this feature
even you can experience this feature using this program (Camera Mouse) you will find it is very hard to make your eyes control mouse .

*Security Enhancement*

As Vulnerabilities and Cyber attacks increase --then the updates must increase its security facilities in order to prevent malicious attacks and protect your data.
so windows 10 update also came to solve stop these vulnerabilities and providing easy way for users to get in touch with e-marketing

This was a good improvement towards experiencing VR Reality and dealing with files easily using onedrive easy access and ofcourse what the most powerful about every update is the security and improvement of firewall. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

3D Printing Machine in Your Pocket


Japanese tech leader (SONY) has announced the SONY XPERIA XZ1 which is moving us to a new way of 3D scanning and printing
It came also as-usual with amazing camera features and with new technology of capturing images

Design and Display

It has come 5.2-inch HDR display tough corning glass 5 screen
and with IP68 dust and water resistance .

Triluminos Technology with display gives natural colours and with outstanding clarity


The most fascinating part of sony phones is camera which uses Super-Slow-motion technology where it captures movements faster than human eye to save the moments you miss as it is four times slower then the slow motion.

A Preloaded 3D Scanner App is provided with 3D State-of-Art  
feature where it gives you instructions easy to follow to give you good results from 3D scanning.

You can send these 3D-Models to Sculpteo to do the 3D Printing
and to have a real nice model of the object.

Main Core

Speedy performance has found its way with Sony Xperia XZ1
where it has Q'comm Snapdragon Octa Core 
which enables the Sony Xperia XZ1 to experience android 8.0

It has 4GB Ram to use apps beside games in easy way 
and 64GB Internal Storage to install your favourite apps.

New Speakers that came with New Sony Xperia XZ1 is 40% louder than Older Ones.